Dotek with our drainage machine

Date:2021-01-06 09:56:24Author:超级管理员


In May 2020, when the new crown pneumonia epidemic just eased, a sudden heavy rain poured out Guangzhou.

At 5:40 am on the 22nd, the first flood relief call received by our Dotec drainage rescue team came from the Huangpu District Emergency Management Bureau. It was learned that there was a lot of water in the Kaiyuan Road Tunnel in Huangpu District and vehicles were trapped. The danger is the order. At 6:00 in the morning, our rescue team waded back to the company, organized the dispatching equipment, and notified the transportation vehicles to prepare for the rescue.

At 8:30 in the morning, the first group of members of our rescue team arrived at the scene with two large water steak flooding robots with a displacement of 600m³ per hour, and immediately carried out flood drainage rescue. At 9 o'clock in the morning, the big water buffalo robot dived into the water and started drainage work.


At the same time, we received a call from the Huangpu District Science City Drainage Company requesting rescue and asked whether there are frogmen who can conduct underwater search and rescue work. The Dotec rescue team immediately contacted the underwater rescue team leader of the Guangdong Red Cross Society. At 10:30 in the morning, the Gao team led 5 members to the Kaiyuan Road tunnel site and immediately started the search and rescue calibration of the underwater vehicle. At 11:40 am, the search and rescue team led by the Gao team successfully calibrated a flooded vehicle.


While searching and rescuing the frogman, three members of the Dotec drainage rescue team managed the non-stop drainage of two large buffaloes. When the big water buffalo is full of fuel, it can work continuously at full load for 8 hours, achieving a drainage capacity of about 1000m³ per hour. Everyone laughed and said that we are the "golden babies" of the three cities! At the same time, the other 7 members of the rescue team went to other operation sites, carrying water pumps such as Big Buffalo, Stanley, Thompson, etc., to carry out rescue and drainage work in Huangcun, Hutaoli Underground Garage, Guanhu Subway Station, and Changchun Research Institute Underground Garage.

As night fell, watching the water level drop one centimeter by one centimeter, the 10 members of our rescue team, despite their hard work, stuck to their posts. At 12 o'clock, the water level was 1.5 meters, at 2 am, the water level was 1.3 meters, and at 4 am, the water level was 1.1 meters, and all the vehicles were exposed. At 5 o'clock in the morning, the submerged SUV was finally rescued. At 12 noon on the 23rd, after the concerted efforts of everyone, the continuous emergency flood drainage lasted 30 hours, and the accumulated water in the Kaiyuan Road tunnel was completely drained. Although our rescue team members were exhausted physically and mentally, they all showed joyful smiles.


Although the Dotek Drainage Rescue Team does not have many members, under the strong guidance of local government agencies, we maintain 100% fighting enthusiasm, relying on sophisticated high-tech drainage equipment-Big Buffalo, to help the society. force.

Dotek drainage rescue team-we are always by your side!

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