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Those auto parts in the car can be replaced by yourself

Date:2020-07-28 06:55:49Author:admin

Owners always say that they can’t afford to buy a car. Fuel costs, maintenance fees, insurance, etc., are indeed a big expense. Especially after the warranty, maintenance, replacement parts, and working hours cost money. So how to save money, teach each car owner what things in the car can be changed by themselves, without having to pay others' working hours in vain! Of course, the premise is that the parts you buy must be of good quality!

1. Air filter

The air filter replacement time is about one or two years, depending on the degree of contamination. Vehicles that often walk in poor conditions are best replaced once a year. If the air filter element that often walks in better conditions is not too dirty, the replacement period can be appropriately extended. The air filter element is in the engine compartment, but the structure is different. Some only need to loosen the buckle, and some require tools. You can save a lot of money by replacing the air filter element by yourself. For a filter element, you only need a few dozen yuan to buy it online, but it costs more than 100 to go to a 4S shop, and the cost of a luxury car is higher.

2. Air conditioning filter

The normal replacement interval for the air-conditioning filter element is one year, but it must be adjusted according to different vehicle environments. Except for individual models that are difficult to replace due to the installation location, most models can be replaced by themselves. First of all, you must understand the location of your car's air-conditioning filter. You can find the answer from the repair manual or 4S shop. Generally, the model will be under the console or behind the glove box. It is relatively simple to disassemble.

3. Car bulbs

For most mainstream family cars, halogen light sources are mostly used. It is relatively easy to change the bulbs, and the car bulbs purchased online are also cheaper. The premise is to know which type of bulbs the car uses. The bulbs are easy It is normal for damaged parts to be burned, and replacement is very simple.

Disassembly method: The general steps to disassemble the bulb are to unscrew the dust cover, pull out the plug, loosen the circlip that presses the bulb, and then the bulb can be taken out. However, because the structure of each car is different, the space reserved for each car may be different, and some even need to disassemble the headlights. Therefore, it is recommended to take the bulb to the repair shop to replace it for the first time and observe the technicians. How to replace and then do what you can. The disassembly method of fog lamps, small lamps, and turn signals is simpler. You only need to hold the plug counterclockwise to turn it out and replace it. Of course, you still do what you can.

4. Wipers

The windshield wiper is a vulnerable part, and generally needs to be replaced in about a year. When the wiper makes an abnormal noise or is not clean, it needs to be replaced. When buying a wiper, you should find out the model, specification, and interface type of the wiper through the vehicle manual to avoid buying an inappropriate wiper. The installation of the wiper is still very convenient, and it can be judged according to the interface.

5. Add glass water

Generally, glass water is added for free for maintenance. If you find that it is missing, you can add it yourself. Glass water is very cheap and free in many places. For car owners who need to add it by themselves, they only need to open the engine compartment cover, open the cover of the glass water bottle and fill it up. It is worth noting that the auxiliary water tank and the glass water addition port of some models are set in the same place. Make no mistake, the lid of the glass water filler port is a piece of glass and the water spray logo is often blue or yellow.

6. Add coolant

It is best not to mix the coolant of different brands. Generally, the sub-kettle of the water tank will have the highest MAX and lowest MIN markings. If it is too little, just add it directly. But if you find that the coolant loss rate is too fast, you must go to a repair shop to check.

7. Air conditioning cleaning

The air conditioner used throughout the winter or summer needs to be cleaned and disinfected in time. You need to buy a bottle of air conditioner cleaning agent, then remove the air conditioner filter element and cover the filter element box. Turn on the blower (no need to turn on the A/C refrigeration) to the maximum air volume, adjust to the outer circulation, and suck the detergent foam into the air duct from the outer circulation air inlet (usually located on the outside of the co-pilot windshield). The foam sprayed by a bottle of cleaning agent will be sucked into the air duct in about 2 minutes, and then keep the maximum air volume for 10-15 minutes, and then put back the air conditioning filter element, and the cleaning is complete.

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